Business Opportunities in LAC

Did you know that in 2018, total projects in LAC were valued at just over USD 120 billion?
Do you know that for each USD 1 billion invested in an infrastructure project generated 15,000 direct jobs, and 2-3 times the number of indirect jobs?


Allofit Group Corp builds bridges to connect investors and companies with investments projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. These projects are public and private, both incubating and established companies; these companies are looking for a partner or just for selling them. These investment projects are in the following sectors:

  • Materials
  • Energy
  • Industrials
  • Real Estate


Allofit Group Corp offers:

  • Investment projects Portfolio: Allofit Group Corps manage a list of projects in the region. These projects are in the status of design, planning, feasibility, procurement, construction, and operations and maintenance for both public and private sector. We have a wide diversity of investment projects; these are small, medium and top-ranked projects.
  • We assist companies focus their efforts on the most viable opportunities. Our clients rely on us when requesting specific projects, and when deciding where to focus their resources in LAC. 



Investment Projects by Industry


This sector is the second most important in our portfolio with a variety of industries and projects such as metro trains, rails, ports, airports, and construction & engineering.


In this sector, we have residential and commercial projects across Latin America and The Caribbean.


There is enormous diversity in this sector such as textiles, apparel & luxury goods, hotels, restaurant & leisure, and distributors.


Latin America is currently responsible for 20% of the world’s gold production. In this sector we have a great opportunities in construction materials, metals & mining, and chemicals plants.


This sector represent the most important projects in LAC. We classify this sector as highways and bridges.


There is a great diversity in this sector such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric generation.

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