Assestment of Investment Projects

You have a business idea. Let’s make a business plan.


We formulate and elaborate financial and economic analysis of different investment projects. Our trained personnel have over 20 years experience in developing and executing projects.
We analyze your investment on long-term economic trends, forecast economic performance, and opportunities and risks.



    Our team conducts a SWOT analysis of your business idea, determining long-term value drivers, sensitivity analysis, economic data trends, financial forecasting, and critical business metrics.

    With this financial and economic analysis, all our customers have a general, long-term overview of their investment projects and its advantages and disadvantages.

    If your business plan launches in LAC, we know the culture, risks, and opportunities in this region. We evaluate the economic conditions, macroeconomic fundamentals and vulnerabilities, solvency indicators, currency composition, fiscal vulnerability ratio, and other critical macro challenges for LAC from a global perspective.

    Assessment of Investment
    Project Report

    Allofit Group Corp, Creating The Path to Success.

    We offer two types of service:
    The first consists in the formulation and elaboration of your business plan. With this service, you get an assessment of economic and financial indicators of your business plan in format Ms. Excel with a pdf explaining the current aspect of the economy, sector, and industry. With this information, you have an overview of your business plan with its opportunities and risks.

    We recommend the second service when you want to establish your business in LAC. When you choose us, we’ll remain at your side until your business is running in the region. In this process, you’ll have all the assessment described in the above paragraph. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify your potential competitors as well as your potential local partners such as suppliers, clients, distributors, joint ventures, etc. We work with the best partners in LAC; they are the top professionals in the region. With them, we mitigate the operational risk and clear the path for the success of your business.




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