About Us

Allofit Group Corp is a newly founded company, driven by personnel with extensive international experience in Management, Finance, operations in Banking, Beverage, Agriculture, Investments, Oil & Gas Industries.

Our Commitment

Allofit Group Corp provides fully integrated advisory services covering all aspects of the financial decision. We are committed to service that surpasses expectations while we assist you in developing an economically sustainable business.

Our Practice for Latin America and The Caribbean 

Business & Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Business Planning.
  • In-Depth Business Analysis
  • Business Development Advisor
  • Outsourcing
  • Manegement of local communities.




  • Implementation & Assessment of Financial Statements according to IFRS
  • Audit & Compliance Services
  • Risk & Assurance Services
  • Tax Reporting & Strategy

Corporate Law Consultation

  • Buying & Selling Real Estate
  • Shareholder Agreements & Disputes
  • Assisting with Merger & Acquisitions
  • Drafting or Reviewing sell-buy agreements 
  • Protecting Intellectual Property


  • Assessment of Investments Projects
  • Financial Business Performance
  • Business Opportunities in LAC


Investments Ops Consultation

  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Public & Private Projects
  • Business Climate
  • LAC Market Intelligence

Finance Consultation

  •  Finance Ops Improvement
  • Business Finance Analytics
  • Maintaining Compliance & Control

Why Choose Us

Vastly Experienced

Allofit Group Corp has a comprehensive business skill-set in the LAC market with a global perspective. Allofit Group Corp is a team of business specialists who offer a wide spectrum of experience, advice, and support. We cover all aspects of the corporate decision to grow your business.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Allofit Group Corp assures and prioritizes total objectivity and anonymity. We avoid inherent conflicts of interest or undue influence of others. 

Accuracy and Consciously

Allofit Group Corp believes in doing things well and consciously. We are conscious of the work we carry out, of the process this entails, of that which surrounds us, and of the consequences of what we do. This way of thinking and acting forms the foundation of everything we do at Allofit Group Corp. We help organisations and individuals create the value they are looking for.

Our Philosophy


Integrity, Ethics & Honesty

These values have been our best ally in professional growth. We recognize that acting ethically, with integrity and transparency is essential for the survival, growth, and continuity of our core business. Allofit Group Corp holds these values as the foundation of our business, professional and daily lives.



Allofit Group Corp focuses on producing positive results for shareholders, clients, suppliers, and communities. We help our clients pass on intangible and tangible assets from one generation to the next and contributes to sustainable development in the communities, and countries. As we create conditions today, so we create for tomorrow.


Diversity & Inclusion

Allofit Group Corp believes that when people with different backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives work together, we create the most value. We create business value. For us, inclusion represents opportunities for growth, new knowledge, and global community.

Let’s Work Together